How God Has Changed My Life Through CR

Life transformation happens through Celebrate Recovery!  There is no doubt about that!

Here’s what some participants have to say about how God has changed their lives through Celebrate Recovery.  (Names withheld for confidentiality.)  For more information about the Celebrate Recovery program check out our FAQ page or fill out the contact form to be connected with a member of our ministry team.

th8B3Z18U0“When I first attended Celebrate Recovery, I didn’t believe anything was wrong with me. After all, I had never messed with drugs or alcohol…what good was a 12-Step program for me? How wrong I was! Anger, lust, codependency…Celebrate Recovery is helping me allow God to put my life back in order.” (male participant)

Powerless-Not-Helpless_BRM95_1“Codependency was my life.  I hit rock bottom when I found out my husband was having an affair and addicted to porn. Shortly after, we started attending a Celebrate Recovery at our church. CR gave me tools, strength, family, comfort, and a place where I could feel safe to be myself. I asked that my husband attend with me if he wanted our marriage to work. CR saved our marriage!” (female participant)

“Celebrate Recovery helps you learn to apply God’s Word to the struggles in your own life, just as Jesus did in His temptation.  There is power in the Word and Celebrate Recovery teaches you how to apply it.” (male participant)

hope31“Celebrate Recovery has helped me heal a lot of wounds that years of counseling could not heal. Because of Celebrate Recovery I have become a better mother and wife!” (female participant)

“Thanks to some great people at Celebrate Recovery, I am finally at peace with God and myself. It is an awesome feeling. Today, I have a smile that nothing can take away… ” (male participant)

life-hurts-god-heals“I never felt ‘good enough for church,’ yet I wasn’t ‘bad enough’ for AA anymore. After twenty-five years in recovery, Celebrate Recovery brought what I was missing all along–the power of God to heal me.” (female participant)

“In Celebrate Recovery, I found the power in Jesus Christ to stop doing the things that caused me and my family so much pain.” (male participant)

first-step 2“Through Celebrate Recovery I found help, healing, and a deeper, restored relationship with God. I’ve learned boundaries, communication skills, and how to have healthy relationships. I’ve learned how to trust God and others again. I’ve learned how to focus on the truth and not the trials.” (female participant)

You can take your first step into healing for life’s hurts, habits, and hang-ups on Monday nights at Pine Lake Covenant Church or find a Celebrate Recovery group near you. Newcomers are always welcome.