Step Study

The Journey Begins

A Step Study is how we work through our hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We use CR’s first four Participant Guides (The Journey Begins) to direct us on a personal journey through each of the 12 steps and 8 recovery principles.

Step Study Groups are gender-specific and led by men or women who have completed a step study. They meet at another time during the week — meaning not Monday night.

When the group has completed the first Participant Guide, the group is closed to new people. New groups start periodically, so let us know if you’re interested in joining a step group.

Here’s what one participant recently shared about their Step Study experience: “I know a burden has been lifted off my shoulders as I have shared in my step study group my struggles…Bringing old hurts into the light has a profound cleansing effect and I am so very grateful for God’s grace and mercy.” 

We encourage you to prayerfully consider taking this first or next step and to think about who you might invite, too. Let us know if you’d like to become part of a group. Fill out the confidential contact form or talk to anyone on the leadership team Monday night.

Celebrate Recovery Participant Guides

Celebrate Recovery Participant Guides

You can start working in Participant Guide 1 — Stepping Out of Denial Into God’s Grace on your own, before the next group starts. Don’t move on to Participant’s Guide 2 without a sponsor or being in a step study.  We have the participant guides and other books and resources available every Monday night.

The Journey Continues

Celebrate Recovery recently celebrated it’s 25th anniversary and introduced a new series of step study books–The Journey Continues.  These 4 books (Participant Guides 5-8) is a revolutionary new step study curriculum that is taken after completing The Journey Begins (Participant Guides 1-4).

the-journey-continues– Participant Guide 5 ~ Moving Forward in God’s Grace
– Participant Guide 6 ~ Asking God to Grow My Character
– Participant Guide 7 ~ Honoring God by Making Repairs
– Participant Guide 8 ~ Living Out the Message of Christ

The Journey Continues curriculum includes biblically based studies filled with brand new acrostics, deeper questions, and more helpful Bible verses.

Updated 09/25/2016: A men’s “The Journey Continues” step study group is starting on Wednesday evening, October 5 at Pine Lake Covenant Church.  To join the group or for more information, fill out the confidential contact form

Women interested in joining a step study group, may fill out the contact form as well. We will contact you when a group starts or direct you to a local group underway at another church.